Optimising Listings

How to optimise Airbnb listings

Are your bookings drying up over time?

This might be because you’re not aware of Airbnb’s algorithms in order to effectively optimise your Airbnb listings.

As a new user to Airbnb, initially, you will experience a new listing bump, however, if you do not put in the work to optimise your listings, over time the bookings will begin to slow.

What is Airbnb SEO?

Just like Google, Airbnb uses a search engine to show the best and most relevant listings.

The Airbnb search engine algorithm has a set of pre-defined rules that tracks positive and negative events on listings.

This leads to an overall score; the higher your internal score the better you will appear in Airbnb search results.

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Internal and external factors

Airbnb will monitor your internal listing strength; which indicates how attractive your listing is to guests. But they also monitor the external behaviour of the user; which shows how guests react to your listing.

The recorded user behaviour is divided into the following company KPIs:

  1. Click-through rate; the ratio of users who click
  2. Conversion rate; the percentage of users who book
  3. Bounce rate; the percentage of users who leave without interacting further
  4. Exits; how the user moves through your listing before exiting
  5. Booking time; how long users take on your listing before deciding to book
  6. Popularity; the number of users who come to your listing from external referrals like phone, email, WhatsApp and social media, or the number of external websites linking to your listing (backlinks in SEO terms).

Getting help

The Airbnb search algorithm is more complicated than the above and needs constant work to not only appear higher but to remain top of the list.

There are several Airbnb management companies, like this one, that will market your property, maintain it, optimise your listings and manage your bookings all wrapped up in one service.

Gaining Airbnb’s trust

The longer your listing is on Airbnb, the more it gains trust and credibility.

With each and every successful checkout, your listing will become more and more credible and the algorithm keeps rewarding you with points.

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Guest reviews are important

To be successful, you will also need good review management. To be on top, you need lots of 5-star guest reviews.

For each 50-star review, you will receive +ve points added to your Airbnb SEO score.

Other tips

  • Invest in property in prime locations
  • Provide rare amenities like breakfast, gym access or hot tubs
  • Always mention the distance to your nearest transport facility
  • Optimise the nightly price
  • Begin at 20% lower price than other competitor properties
  • Turn off Airbnb smart pricing
  • Use 3rd party dynamic pricing tools like Wheelhouse
  • Provide essential amenities
  • Provide home safety amenities
  • Ensure Wifi is available
  • Ease your cancellation policy

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