How these tech company became number one

Want to be number one for your tech company? Here are some top tips…

Every second there is an average of 67,000 searches on Google.

Now think about it, every second there are 67,000 people wanting an answer to a question. In order to accelerate your business, you need to be there at the other end providing them with the right answer – are you ready?

Basic tips to get you started

  1. Build a content strategy: Who are you trying to target? Who is your current audience? What are their concerns or problems? How can you provide a solution? You need to build a content strategy that aims to Inform, Encourage, Deliver & Sell. Learn more about developing a content strategy here.
  2. Don’t just focus on keywords, focus on questions: Think about how you use Google. Sometimes you might use short phrases (keywords), but most of the time you ask Google a question right? So, pinpoint your customer’s questions and answer these on your website.
  3. Get other people to link to you: A link from a credible source is worth money, your website will never rank if no one links to you, because to Google, this tells them that no one recognises you or would recommend you. Reach out to local publishers and build a PR strategy.

Case study/example

cctv installations and systems

Company: Active Communication Company Ltd (ACCL) in Surrey, Kent & London.

Specialises in:

  • Wired & Wireless CCTV Installations
  • Data Cabling Installation
  • Fibre Optic Cabling

How they did it:

In a nutshell, ACCL was struggling to rank for certain keywords and search terms. Wanting to do more than basic SEO principles, it was advised to them that they need to pay more attention to the content on their website and their use of words.

Rather than just keyword stuffing, they needed to rely on the language of their industry so Google was able to rank them correctly because they adopted the use of expert language connected to their industry.

See how they communicate and use language to promote their services on their website here.

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